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Monday, September 25, 2006


Cup Match v. Denton rescheduled to 28 Oct

Please note that the Cup Match v. Denton has been rescheduled to 28 Oct. in Denton. The Spring fixture will be at Lake Highlands.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Site Feedback?

This looks like a great stopping place on website tweaking. Call it "template tweak 0.2." There are still things to be done but now is an ideal team for you to speak up about it so far. My questions are:
  • Is the background color ok? Is it too dark?
  • Is anyone still using 800 x 600 resolution or can I widen the page to 1024 (or do you even know what that means) ? That would allow me to add a third column and make it easier to find stuff rather than scroll though the looong list of stuff on the right, which will only get longer over time.
  • Would if I put some Google ads on here? Hypothetically, that might bring in a couple of dollars? You can see the possible formats here, some of them are very unobtrusive.
Let me know. 'Cause once this is done, it is going to be done for a long time.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Yes, you read that right.

Zee, aka Takudzwa Ngwenya, made the US Eagles 7s side.

Congrats, Zee!

DARC over SFA 36-15

From Coach Jason Swick:

DARC traveled to SFA on a very hot and humid day to play their opening match of the season. We traveled well and high hopes of a convincing win. We warmed up well and seemed to have the focus to make our plans a reality. Well, a traffic accident on I-20 delayed the ref a half hour. We deflated a bit and when the match started we had to find ourselves again. We did and though not pretty DARC prevailed 36-15.

We were sloppy in ball retention, undisciplined with our possession, and had little structure in anything we did. What we did do well was we had all of the ball for most of the day. We tackled well but our defense was not technically sound. We had the agro needed to put the opposition on their back foot. We were powerful in the scrum and better than they in the lineout but not crisp. All of this led to a game that was too close for comfort.

Drew scored our first try on an 8 pick where he took it 30 yards around their flanker and over their winger. It was a beauty! The next try was scored by our newly minted EAGLE, Zee. The first one was from a penalty kick that did not find touch. Derrick took the kick, spun it to Zee, and he showed off his pace and step to take it home. Shortly thereafter Zee did the play making on 3rd phase and off loaded to Tommy for a diving try in the corner. From here we fell asleep for a good bit. I think it was heat exhaustion more so but we let SFA get one in off of our poor defensive structure. We did not slide across to cover and their winger was able to dot down in the corner. That was all of the scoring for quite awhile as the heat took its toll on everyone. The play was middling and uninspired.

The second stanza opened with more focus from DARC. Drew led it off again with another bruising run from a nice pass off of Tommy Taylor. It all started with a solid scrum and Bash stealing it against the head. That was quickly followed by a try from Zee. Good lineout off the tip and ball out to Zee. Straight up the middle with a few nifty steps and it was dotted down between the posts. SFA answered though buy stringing together some good phases and getting the outside center over the line. Here again both teams seemed to let the heat take over and it was sloppy for the most part. The SFA fly half thought he had our fullback sleeping. Well Mark took the ball on the fly and with a nifty counter run from 75 meters out he put it down between the posts for a converted try. It was truly nice stuff from our first year player. SFA finished out the scoring off of a quick tap penalty. The pack turned its back, ball played from 5m out. SFA try on us by not being disciplined.

All in all it looked like a team playing its first match, on a hot day, with a bunch of young players. That said, we have achieved our first goal, win the match against SFA. We have a lot to work on but a win is a win. I think it was fun too!


Converting Website into blog

I'm converting the website to use a blog interface, which will make it much easier for people other than myself to update the site with important news. And that is a good thing.