Pilsner Urquell

Monday, October 30, 2006


Whiskey Tasting at the Tipp on Saturday courtesy of Tom Collins

After the game against the Diablos on Saturday, and their drinkup, we will have a Meet & Greet of the Tipperary Inn staff at that fine establishment at 7:00 PM. As part of this there will be a Whisky Tasting for those of age to imbibe the brew.

Whether you call it whisky, usquebaugh, uisce beatha, uisge beatha, or aqua vitae, it all means "water of life". (and not in that way the Fremen mean).

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Just short in Denton

The final score was 22 -14 Denton (or maybe 24, the touch judges argued a few conversions), but this was the best team effort we've had this season.

The game started late due to traffic problems on the Bush and 35. The ref and Denton were gracious in delay the start of the game so everyone could get to the pitch. In the end, we had 19 guys. So, where were the rest of you?

Facing one of the strongest packs in D3, this was a grind it out, forward play intensive game. The first 30 minutes was a scoreless battle of field position with DARC being able to keep the bulk of play in the Denton half. Denton was able to get the first score due to some bad ball handling. They added a second score right at half time to take a 12-0 lead.

During halftime, DARC kept their heads up. This was a physical game and, despite the score, we we're doing a lot of good things on the field. A little inexperience and bad luck kept us from scoring, but we we're very much in the game.

Denton got a try early in the second half to go up 17 (or 19) - 0. But, the physical play in rucks, mauls, and lineouts started to wear down Denton. Marc broke through the defense for DARC's first try and Tommy touch downed a second one. With about 10 minutes left, we were down 17-14. DARC played hard, but in control, but couldn't get another score in. At full-time, Denton scored their fourth try to seal the win.

Overall, lots of good stuff on the field. A little more time together and some more fitness will help this group of young 'ens improve their game.

Thanks to everyone for their efforts on the field. And, a big thank you to the under 21 boys who showed respect to our Denton hosts at the after party at the over-21 club, Riprocks.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Match Week 3 - vs. Denton

DARC travels to Denton this Saturday, 28 Oct. 2pm kickoff at Northlakes Park in Denton.

Maps - http://www.dentonrugby.com/maps.htm

Friday, October 20, 2006


UT Grads on Saturday

Saturday, we host the UT Grads at Lake Highlands. Players should arrive at 12:30. This is a league game, one of our inter-subdivisional games.

Weather forecast is low 70s, partly cloudy and maybe breezy, but that could change.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


DARC runs out of gas against Fort Sill

Our first league match started well, and we kept possession the vast majority of the game. However, fitness was lacking in the latter part of the second half and Fort Sill was able to pull ahead by a try and a penalty, final score Fort Sill 30, DARC 22.

Referee's write-up

Fort Sill was up for two more short halves for some B-side play, many of their players and ours performing double duty. Some of the old guard laced their boots up for a little action, including Bristow.

Drew Eakins suffered a separated shoulder after a tackle, so we'll miss him in the back line for a while.

As always, a good drinkup after at the Tipperary Inn.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Great turnout at Cowtown

We had a great turnout of players, nearly two sides worth. Excellent.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to win against Denton or San Antonio. The Denton loss came at the last second. We were up by one point (8-7). But a pass that shouldn't have been made was intercepted and run in to put them up at full time. The San Antonio game was not as close on the score, but again, DARC dominated ball possession. Drew as able to score the single DARC tries in each game.

We took 5th place in the Men's Open division of the tournament by beating Texas Wesleyan Law. New DARC member Jeremy got a try coming of a 5-meter scrum and hands out to the backs. (I was looking the other way on our other tries).

Several went to the Flying Saucer in downtown Fort Worth afterwards for a few drinks. No cup to drink out of this year, unfortunately.