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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Rugby delays Coup in Fiji

From The New Zealand Herald:
"The Fijian Army has extended its coup deadline until Monday as it takes on Police in the annual much-anticipated Sukuna Bowl rugby clash."
Proof that the sport of rugby is an instrument of peace.
According to fijivillage.com: "[Commander Bainimarama] also added that the military will host the Police tonight at the Officers Mess and have a few bowls of grog in what he believes is the only way that will bring the two forces together."
So, the Fiji military's plan appears to be:
  1. Beat the Police on the rugby pitch,
  2. Convince them to straighten up their government at the drink up after, else
  3. Take over the government.
I like it.

P.S. Suh-weet Hoodies. Dibs on a XXL one. And I'll grab a crew one too if someone else doesn't.


Hoodies and Crews!

Our printer made up for the delay and got the new swag done. I will have everything available Saturday at the pitch.

Now, pay attention. I have a very small supply. Don't bother calling or e-mailing me about holding things. This is strictly cash and carry. If you can't make it on Saturday, you can PayPal the money and I will put things aside. That's the only exception. I will be at the pitch by noon, so there's your incentive to get out early. Here's what I got.

The hoodies are $15. I have 2 M, 3 L, 3 XL, 2 XXL, 1 XXXL.
The crews are $12. I have 3 M, 3 L, 3 XL, 3 XXL.

They are both the same material, color, and logo. The difference (obviously) is the crews don't have the hood or pocket.

Also, beanies are $10 and t-shirts are $10, 2 for $15 (L and XL only).

As we run out of things, I will order more.

See you Saturday.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


11/30 Practice Cancelled

Practice for this Thursday (11/30/2006) is being cancelled. Due to some scheduling conflicts, we aren't able to get the light tower to the practice field. No light tower, no light. Kind of hard to see and hold practice without light. This doesn't mean you can just veg out on the couch. Get off your butt and get in a jog. And don't give me the "It's too cold excuse." You play rugby, rugby is played all winter, get used to it.

The social for this Saturday is still on. Greg should have the hoodies by then and will be bringing them to the game. Cash in hand gets the first ones. Denton has asked that, if possible, we show up a little early to watch and support their womens team. After the two games, we'll make our way to the Tipp for some socializing. Let me know if you are going to be able to attend. If we have enough takers, I can try to make arrangements to secure a keg. Also, I've been talking with the lovely ladies from the High Seas Hotties and they are planning on joining us at the bar.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Hoodies Delayed

Due to a mixup with the printer, the hoodies still aren't ready. Hopefully, I'll have them by the Christmas party.


I need your money, gentlemen. Come January 1, I have to send big checks to USA Rugby and TRU. This is what your dues are for. I need to get at least half from everybody in the next couple of weeks. You've played a few games of rugby and you know it is your obligation to make sure you are current with dues.

PayPal is the fastest and easiest way. Just follow the link on the left. I'll be out on Saturday collecting cash and checks. I can even do credit cards. If you need to work out something else, call me. 214-558-1634. I'm usually reasonable.

We've got a few guys who have paid for the year and several on payment plans. You owe it to them to pay your dues.

Saturday's Gathering

Denton has asked if we could show up at 12 and watch the women play Oklahoma State. So, everyone needs to try and get to the field by noon and show some support for the girls. We rarely get a chance to see women's games, so it should be a lot of fun.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


The Next-Gen of Jones Locks

On Monday, Josh Thomas Jones was born to Dawn and Matt Jones, joining his older brother Adam Henry Jones. That gives us a new pair of Joneses to look forward to in the future on the pitch one day.

Everyone is doing well, though there have been statements to indicate that Mister Jones will soon be heading up the Matt Jones Designated Driving Service, as Dawn has a couple of years of temperance to recover from.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


New Scrum Laws from the IRB

The IRB (International Rugby Board) has come down with new laws about scrumming that will take effect in January. Thus, the next time we play, these will be the laws.

Four Stage Scrum Engagment

Instead of the three-stage engagement we've been doing for years, there will now be four steps: Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage. But there is a little more to it than that.
  • The referee will call “crouch. The front rows must crouch so that when they meet, each player’s head and shoulders are no lower than their hips.
  • The referee will then call "touch". Using their outside arm each prop touches the point of the opposing prop’s outside shoulder. The props then withdraw their arms.
  • The referee will then call “pause”.
  • Following a pause the referee will then call “engage”. The front rows may then engage. The “engage” call is not a command but an indication that the front rows may come together when ready.
Also restated in the newly approved guidelines:
The scrum must be stationary and the middle line of the scrum must be parallel to the goal lines. A team must not shove the scrum away from the mark before the ball is thrown in.

Mavericks edge DARC, 11-10. DARC v. High Seas Hotties: a draw.

It was a hardfought game. Arlington went up 3 points early on a penalty kick (0-3). Late in the second half, Zee zig-zagged through defenders on the near side between the try-line and midfield, then broke it open to dot one down between the posts for DARC. Conversion missed: (5-3).

Second half with DARC finally in their own kit, if the tattered old bumble-bee jerseys, they weren't able to break anything big. The scrum wheeled left on every put-in, and Arlington often brought up a speedy defensive line when DARC backs used hands across the pitch. Arlington got another three from a DARC penalty: (5-6). Midway into the second half, the scrambling DARC defense finally let the Mavericks through for an try that was not converted: (5-11). Time was getting late for DARC and one try + conversion would do it. At full time, after some quick hands and scrambling from several DARC players supporting each other, Drew broke free for about a 40 yard run, but had several Mavericks on his tail and wasn't able to put it between the posts. Unfortunately, the try went unverted. The ref blew full time: 10-11.

Great thanks to Arlington for the loan of their spare jerseys the first half, while our secondary set was en-route.

At the Tipp, good drink and food as always. Biggie anchored the boatrace admirably again, giving DARC the win in that category. The boatrace was initiated by special guest starter from the High Seas Hotties roller derby girls.

Pirate Roller Derby Girls + Rugby Boys = Lethal Combination

DARC won the boatrace against the HSH as well, and was briefly rewarded for their accomplishment. However, they also paid a small price shortly afterwards, but it appeared that most of them enjoyed it. (We'll let your imagination picture that - until I have the photographic evidence).

Longtime DARC supporter Tammy (now of Columbus) stopped in to check on her boys. She's doing great.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Winter Activities

Just a reminder to everyone; we have a game this Saturday against Arlington at Lake Highlands. Be there at 12:30, be kitted up by 1:00. We need a win so come prepared to play. You'll have over a month to heal up before the next match so I expect everyone to give it their all. And bring your social dues ($5).

I'll have the new t-shirts and beanies for sale at the game and the Tipp. Shirts are 1 for $10, 2 for $15. The hats are $10 each. If the hoodies come in, I'll bring those too. No cost has been set yet for those; we'll let you know when we have one.

Practice has been moved. We are now at the fields just east of Custer at the parking lot of Custer Road United Methodist Church (between W. Spring Creek and Legacy). Look for the lights, you can't miss it. We will be practicing the first 3 Thursdays of December.

The Winter Social is scheduled for December 2nd. We will be watching the match between the Diablos and Denton at Lake Highlands, kickoff at 2pm. This should be a fun game to sit back and watch. Then we'll go to the Tipp for a few pints.

The Christmas party is set for Saturday December 16th, also at the Tipp. $15 will get you dinner and beer. Plan on being there by 7:00 pm.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Brannon Checking in from BYU

Our man in Utah, Brannon Killgo, is playing prop at BYU.

He be back in town around the holidays looking to get a run in. (Yes, that's a subtle suggestion that everyone be getting some runs in over the holidays).

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Mail list bounces

A lot of guys are bouncing back emails from the list. The list software stops trying to send mail too you after it bounces a couple of times. So, if you're not getting mail messages from the list, make sure that any anti-spam stuff you or your company is doing is not blocking "darc-rugby.com" email. And email me to get flagged to receive mail from the list again. -bloo

Friday, November 10, 2006


More stuff to wear...great as Christmas gifts

The beanies are in. They are navy, no roll, with 'DARC' in gold letters. $10 a piece.

Also on hand:
T-shirts (M - 2X). $10 or 2 for $15.
Game shorts and socks for $31.
Mouthpieces for $1.

Hoodies and crew necks should hopefully be ready next week.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Canadanian Sighting!

Our man in Canadan, Rob Holdaway, is in town tonight and will be at practice, and the pub afterwards. You should be too!

Red's Game Cancelled

The Dallas Rugby Football Club has informed us that the match scheduled for Saturday, November 11th has been cancelled. Use the time off to get in a run and/or workout. See you all at practice.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Winter Social

Mark December 2nd on your calenders. Since we rarely get to go watch a rugby match as spectators and we aren't playing that weekend, let's all get together and watch two teams from our division battle it out. The Diablos are hosting Denton at Lake Highlands field, 2 pm, Saturday December 2nd. This will be a good opportunity to watch our competition and enjoy a day at the park. Then we can all head over to the Tipp for a few pints. I'm thinking that the match will be a lot of fun to watch.

A BIG win, but... and the DARC boaters

I believe Saturday's game with the Dallas Diablos was the first time we played them in 15's. Here's my observation on those guys. They have good numbers. They are very young and inexperienced. But, they take the field and give all that they got.

Having said that, the athleticism of the majority of the back line, and the strength of the pack dominated for 80 minutes. DARC imposed their will with relative ease in what quickly became a huge mismatch. Tommy, Sam, Phillip, Russell, and Vijay were consistently breaking through the poor tackling of the Diablos back line for several long tries. The pack were overpowering in the scrums and rucks. The Diablo pack seemed to run out of steam very early. Mark had a relatively easy time in his first game as scrum half. Looks like we might have reduced the age of our number 9 by half (and then some).

Too much went on to write (or remember). The final tally was DARC 108, Diablos 0. The scoring highlights were two 50 meter runs by prop Gonzo.

To their credit, the Diablos played to the end. They held their heads up and continued to play as hard as they could. Things got a little crazy at the end. Tommy received a yellow card for throwing punches and Gonzo was red carded at full time for another fight. But, both guys were on the defensive. Tommy was bitten, which is the most chicken-S thing that someone can do on the field. The referees disciplinary reports also describe the events as the Diablos being the instigators. Overall, the Diablos walked off the field with the respect of the DARC players. They were gracious hosts and have thrown out a challenge to The Tipp with the spread they laid out.

While this win came quite easily, we were damn lucky the Diablos couldn't exploit some major lineup issues. With an unexplained absence of players, I returned to the field on the wing. While funny to see, it wouldn't have been good to have a prop on the wing if the opposing back line could have taken advantage of it. Kenny moved from prop to breakaway to fill another void.

So, to all of you who didn't show and didn't bother to call and say why, what the hell? This was a Cup match, a chance to improve our team play, and a game we went into knowing we over matched our opponent. It looked pathetic to try and assemble 15 players right at kickoff while our supposed "weaker" opponent was preparing with 25-30 players. A little pride in yourselves and a lot of respect for your teammates seems to be missing. We have two games left this this fall. Some of you need to make some serious efforts to make up for letting down your teammates.

On a lighter note, the DARC boat racers are still unbeaten. The Diablos claimed to have a fast team, but the boys beat them by about half. On the patio at the party, the boat racers felt that they should have shirts made for and paid by the club. So, the bet is, if they remain unbeaten until the end of the season, I will have shirts designed and printed up for them. Just remember fellas, you didn't get me to agree on colors. You are all going to look so cute in hot pink and lime green.

Friday, November 03, 2006


New stuff to wear

The new DARC t-shirts are in. Cost is $10 or 2 for $15. They are available at the DARC retail store, aka Greg's trunk. I've also got shorts and socks and mouthpieces for those who need them. On the way are fleece hoodies, sweatshirts, and beanies. Prices to be determined.

I'm ordering in relatively small amounts so we don't get stuck with a lot of merchandise. As we sell out of things, I'll be able to create new stuff.