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Monday, September 24, 2007


DARC wins the Friendly against SFA: 39-19

SFA came up to play us in a friendly, and took an early lead with a quick try. DARC, coming off only a handful of 15s practices, woke up and started scoring (Jason will have a breakdown). Maybe it was moving Gonzo to flanker, maybe it was the new uniforms.

But it wasn't all rosy for DARC. This reporter counted no more than 10 examples of good tackling technique made by 4 or 5 players. And, as the score show, SFA was able to penetrate the defensive line (if you can call it that) repeatedly. They had several other opportunities where circumstances or a lucky grab-and-drag-down stopped them from running in a try - our back line defense was thin. This was not helped by herd of grazing heifers in the middle of the field, as early as 15 minutes into the game, watching some backs on the wing try to make tackles and ruck. Our defense is going to have to wake up to:
  1. Be Fit, and
  2. Be Smart.
SFA gave us a third side, and a few DARC switched sides so all 29 DARC players could get some time in.

As always, we went to the Tipp afterward for beer, brats and a replay of the France v. Ireland cup game.

Thanks for coming SFA!

Critical Note to All DARC Players:

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Schedule Update

The Denton game is now Away and we'll host in January.

Can you guys see the calender at this link: Calendar

Here's a smaller version:

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Zee to start vs. England on Saturday

Luby, on temporary mental illness leave playing with that other team in Dallas that wears green and black, let me know that DARC's own "Zee" (known as Takudzwa Ngwenya when he's at home), will be starting for the USA against England in the World Rugby Cup match on Saturday.

The match starts at 11 AM Central time and wil be shown on Setanta. The Londoner is showing it. Word is that Kentucky George will be there with Mister Big Sky and others.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


15's Training Has Started

Thanks to everyone that showed up last night for the first practice of the 2007-2008 season. This year holds a lot of promise for DARC and we look forward to seeing everyone out on a regular basis. Our first match is just around the corner on September 22nd against Stephen F. Austin. That means there are only five more practices left. So break out your phone lists and round up all the straglers from seasons past as well as all your friends that you can talk into coming out.

For now, we are training at Schimpfenig Middle School in Plano. Practice starts at 7 pm sharp so show up early to get in a descent stretch before we start running. Here is the link to the school's webiste: http://www.pisd.edu/schools/secondary/schimelpfenig/index.shtml


Bring your cleats, mouth pieces, sturdy shorts, and a training jersey. We started full contact last night and will continue each training.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Practice Starts Today!

Practice, 7 PM Sharp, Jack Carter Park! Let's get on it, lads.

Don't forget, Saturday, England vs. USA in the World Cup, 11 AM our time. Several players are headed to the Londoner to watch (and hopefully see Zee run against England) including one of our own wayward Brits - George the Kentuckian!