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Thursday, December 20, 2007


Dallas Athletic RUNNING Club

In an effort to put the Athletic back in DARC, I am going to organize some runs for the team when we don't have games. When I say organize, I mean I'm going to pick some local runs, tell everyone about it, and hope we can get a group together to have some fun. We're going to stick to 5 Ks for the most part. Sometimes races will have a couple of different lengths and those with the will can run the longer length. I ran in two official races for the first time in my life this year with alums Jon Savage and Sam Cole. It's a lot of fun, you get some cool stuff, and it gives you some goals to help with your conditioning.

Everyone will be responsible for signing up and paying the entry fees (usually under $30). As we get organized, we can look at doing team entries. There are a couple of relay races where we could really have a lot of fun.

I'll post more as I go through the listing and see where we can run. The two best places to check out race schedules are RunOn and Luke's Locker.


I hope to get some good participation. It's not a big time commitment, other than waking up early on a Saturday. We can have a lot of fun with no need to focus on competitiveness. Just getting a group from the start to the finish would be a great day. It's helped me a lot. For those of you who've seen me this year, I'm ending it 40 pounds lighter and am shooting for 50 more in 2008.

Guys, this can be a fun event for the club to do outside of rugby. You can bring wives, girlfriends, kids. So, please start getting it in your head to come out and go running with me. Anyone with ideas or suggestions, e-mail or call me.


Saturday, December 08, 2007


Map to Arlington

Arlington's website looks down at the moment.

Here's a map. Note: this says "Cottonwood Park", but it is also called "McFalls Park" - if you see either name, you're at the right place.

  • Take 75, the Tollway or 35 to 30 West.
  • 30 West - exit Belt Line turn Left (South)
  • Belt Line to Marshall Drive turn Right (West)
  • Marshall Drive West for a mile to South Carrier Parkway turn Right (North)
  • One block north, look on your Right.
  • Park.
  • Get Kitted up.
  • Play Rugby
  • Have Fun
  • Win
  • Drink their beer

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Friday, December 07, 2007


12:30 in Arlington Saturday

Let's get kitted up and ready to go.

We're are playing at McFalls Park (formerly Cottonwood Park). 550 Vernoy Dr. Grand Prairie.

Heading west on I-30, go South on N. Beltline Road.
West on E. Marshall Dr.
North on S. Carrier Dr. and the park will be on the right.

Here's the link to Arlington's map, if you want to look for an alternate route. (I'm not as good as Bloo with this stuff.)


Monday, December 03, 2007


Arlington Saturday and some Holiday Cheer

Last game before the break is this Saturday at Arlington. Need everybody to come out Tuesday and Thursday to Austin Ranch for practice.

And, a little something to enjoy for the Christmas season.