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Thursday, May 08, 2008


Season Award Finalists

During the banquet on May 31st, we will be presenting our annual awards for outstanding performances during this past season. Those at the AGM last week created the nomination lists and the winners were chosen by the attending board members (Cook, Swick, and Greg). We will, of course, keep the winner's name secret until the banquet. The nominees are:

MVP: Drew, Gonzo, Josh
Forward of the Year: Drew, Gonzo, Jay, Josh
Back of the Year: Mark, Red, Timmy
Most Improved: Greg B, Sam
Newcomer: Everyone who played their first season with DARC (okay, we can't make out all the names that were written for this one)
Merilee Kirkwood Cup (Sportsmanship award): Bear, Bloo, Josh, Ritchie

In addition, we may present a few "unofficial" awards, depending on how the creativity flows in the next few weeks.


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