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Sunday, March 30, 2008


DARC Upsets OKC: 37 - 34, Cookie Retires

It was a great day for DARC rugby. One of the most challenging matches we've had, but the team was able to come back from an early deficit and win in injury time!

OKC scored very early but bounced the conversion off the post (which happened twice in the game) and then the going got tough for both teams, with DARC finally able to score a try deep into the first half, but OKC came right back with by using their back to exploit a gap in DARC's coverage. Too many players were committed into a ruck on the far side and didn't cover deep as OKC took the ball wide.

OKC again scored right away at the beginning of the half but then DARC fired up and got things work with lots of support and bangers, and good service to our backs let them run against the OKC back line. With that an great drives by the forwards, DARC gained three tries and one conversion.

But the game was by no means over. The Crusader's tall kicking center surprised everyone with a drop goal from about 35 - 40 m out. That motivated them and their backs game on hard with tries from that kicker and "Legs", between the posts - one coming from a simple overload and good passes, the other from speed and DARC's lack of good tackling as their backs ran it in together from midfield.

DARC summoned up the dregs of their reserve energy building on the fitness of the young team and came back with another try (unconverted). [I can't remember if this was Rashaad's run after a pass from Mark, or Kenny's powering in]. Score: DARC 32 - OKC 34 in injury time.

DARC advanced the ball hard, and it came down to hard driving fast rucks and bangers on the near side, which caught OKC offsides repeatedly, eventually with a penalty on the 5 meter line. DARC was excited because they could see victory was in sight, though we weren't there yet. There were screams of "Points! Points!" from off-field and on. But I think several players weren't sure of the exact score, and our kicking had an off day. So DARC took the ball in hand for the penalty....and scored it!

DARC wins: 37 - 34 in what was the single best day of rugby that I've seen the team play in quite a while.

(Having said that: as a team, the tackling was atrocious - it wasn't even tackling in large part - something that must be worked on).

Tries by: Timmy (2), Rashaad, Kenny, Cardell, and Mark (I believe - memory's going).

Cookie, you should give us another write up, especially now that you're "retired".

The Referee's Report.

There is still a mathematically possibility that we might make the playoffs, depending on OKC's game against Denton, so keep your boots clean. Come on, Denton!

DARC was 7-4 in league play this year with 32 league points (5 of which were bonus point). 209 Points For, 227 Points Against. For the year, our record was 17-6, a big increase from last year's .500 ball. It's gotta be the fitness.

Cookie Retires

Veteran DARC player, one of DARC's very first recruits after the merger of Our Gang and the Blues, and long-time Match Secretary Dan "Cookie" Cook, is retiring (potential playoff game excepted). He's played lock, flanker, even fly-half and been a core member of the club, both on the pitch and off. Congratulations to Cook and a great career with DARC.

Of course, Mrs. Cook is very happy.

But we don't think of it as losing a starter, we think of it as gaining an Old Boy! And after the old boys and extras second side game last week against alliance, that Old Boy team is beginning to look very good! They should come around more often.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Golf for a fellow Rugger

Robert "Red" Brooks, Arlington player and former teammate of Swick, is battling brain cancer. Arlington is holding a golf tournament with proceeds to benefit Red and his family. The tournament will be played on April 10th. If you can make it out, a nice day of golf for a great cause.

Details at www.maverickrugby.com.

Check the Calendar - AGM

Take a look to the right -------->

We are planning on having our Annual General Meeting on April 5th. This will involve the election of new officers and a chance for everyone to talk about ways to improve our club.

Details to come.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


St. Patty's Day Parade Slide Show

As we explained previously, the parade was greatness. Here are the best (and one of the worst photos I took - you'll know the worst one when you get to it).

To see the pictures in greater detail, and without the slideshow, just click the little link in the lower left corner of the slideshow image.

Fort Worth Slideshow

Slideshow of photos from the Fort Worth Game.

I wasn't able to take many photos since I had to run touch, but here's what I got.


A perfect night for rugby

Mother Nature is making up for the rain on Tuesday with a great night for practice. Be ready to go at 7.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Kyle with the radio promo!!!

Anyone who happened to listen to The Jagger Show this morning on 105.3 may have heard newbie Kyle doing a little DARC promoting. Nice one.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Practice Cancelled Tonight

Didn't your mother teach you to come in out of the rain??

Hope for better weather Thursday.

Monday, March 17, 2008


St. Patty's Day Parade - Attendance Required From Now On.

The St. Patty's Day Parade was a blast! Sam, Kenny, Bear, David and I rode the Tippary Inn's float. This was the first St. Patty's weekend we didn't have a game on in as long as I can remember.

Henceforth: Parade Day Is Required!

This was a barebones effort but still very fun. Bud Light gave the Tipp some necklaces to give away. Kenny and Bear brought old mudfish t-shirts, which were very popular. I brought a bunch of our cards, which were all handed out.

But now that we've done this, we know what to do next time. If you're in town, you're going to be on the float! (Although, we might allow a few to man a 'refreshment station' along the route).

I've got a lot of pics of the parade that I'll post soon.

Tips for future Parade Float Riders:
  • be in one of the early floats
  • keep your float low maintenance - easy to set up, fast to take down because unless your prepared to go to the level of these guys (Krewe 37): ,
  • no one cares what your float looks like
  • do your drinking before the parade starts moving (alcohol is not allowed in the parade)
  • have LOTS of stuff to give away no matter how cheap or paltry, or the crowd might start to turn on you
  • be prepared to trade stuff for beer with the crowd
  • be prepared to block, catch and/or deflect the following:
  • - beads
  • - marshmallows (of the stale and high-velocity type)
  • - donuts, honey buns, moonpies, ding dongs and other type of confectionary treats and baked goods
  • - bottle caps
  • - those hard peppermint drop candies
  • - jello shots in those little plastic containers (this crowd loved its jello shots and was very professional about their preparation)

Sunday, March 16, 2008


DARC on Parade

For the first time since the Tipp became our sponsor bar, DARC did not have a St. Patty's day game. Upon the Tipperary's request, five of us gave up our free Saturday to ride on a float in the St. Patrick's day parade down Greenville. Not knowing what to expect, we showed up fully expecting to put in a boring couple of hours then go drink some beer at the bar.

How can I say this nicely.... You fools that didn't make it out missed one hell of a good time! This MUST become a regular DARC tradition. From the jello shots being tossed to the float from the crowd to the beers we traded for the give away t-shirts, everyone on the float had an absolute blast.

We also learned a few things that will make next year's parade even better. First, we need more stuff to give away. With some notice, I'm sure we can get sponsors to provide an array of merchandise. We also need to bring some 'beverages' of our own. We even had the idea to make the Thursday night practice into crew night and do the float up right. Add some better music and more speakers, and we can have an awesome outing.

I'm sure Bloo will be posting some of the pictures soon so you can all see what you missed. I can only imagine what kind of tradition the Parade can become and who knows, we might even recruit some new blood from our participation. Not to mention bringing in some more spectators!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Think Green

St. Patrick's Day festivities begin early tomorrow. The healthy ones will be running in the Dash Down Greenville 5k. Registration begins at 7 for those still looking to get in. Jesse and Timmy are registered and should be milling around the area. Timmy has a great plan for the run, talk to him about it today.

Others will be getting the Tipp's float ready for the parade. Here's the schedule from Bloo:

  1. We're meeting to at the Tipperary Inn at 7 AM to help decorate the float/truck.
  2. Then it has to be in line no later than 8:15.
  3. Then there is a bunch of waiting around apparenlty.
  4. Parade begins in full at 11 AM. Should be over by 12:30.
  5. Ends at Yale and Greenville or thereabouts.
  6. Then we'll be taken back to the Tipp.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Saturday Activities

Tipp float for the parade on Greenville. If you're going to be a part of it, talk to Bloo.

Tipp Jerseys - If you have them, talk to Bloo.

Dash Down Greenville - Timmy and Jesse are signed up. You can still register at 7 on Saturday morning at the race. I would suggest everyone running meet up around the sign up tables. Unfortunately, due to a change in the U15 location, I have to drop out of the run. Sorry, since I'm the one who got this started, but the kids take priority.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Fort Worth Wears DARC Down

Just a quick note: Fort Worth was victorious over DARC on Saturday, 29-10 or so (I don't have the exact score and the actual results are posted - someone will have them and I'll update).

Fort Worth scored two unconverted tries in the first half, eating up most of the time. But DARC rallied and got a penalty around the 22, taken for point, then finished off the half with a try from Gonzo, powering it in off a ruck. A conversion from Voss made it 10-10 to end the half.

Fort Worth made a couple of subs in the pack, and was getting fired up. DARC hoped to contain them a bit and exploit any opportunities, but that plan didn't last long. The extra fresh beef in the scrum helped Fort Worth drive the DARC pack most of the time, and it took some pointing out to the otherwise excellent ref that they shouldn't be allowed to drive before the put - they were often driving the pack a meter and more on the engage (with no put-in in sight) - great tactic with an immediate put in, but not when your scrum half holds the put for a three count. But DARC was able to get the pack together as the half went on.

One of the Fort Worth wings effectively countered all DARC's clearing kicks, which didn't find touch, and keep the pressure on. They quickly started adding more tries, two on simple overloads of the back line, one nice interception by their big center, and what was fairly an excellent poach by a flanker catching a friendly bounce from a DARC line-out gone bad just meters out from the try line.

Of note was Old Boy JT Hardin spelling hooker Josh Erickson late in the second half. He was able to poach a couple of their puts, showing he's still got some skills.

I'll post what pics I have soon (hard to take good ones as a touch judge).

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Practice Cancelled - 3/6

The winter storm has closed the field tonight and it's probably not a good idea to try and get everyone together with the sleet and ice coming down.

We do have a game Saturday at Fort Worth. For you new guys, they play on FieldTurf, so the ground may be wet, but it will not be muddy. Everyone, please make every effort to be there by 12:30. We need that extra time to get things organized since we will not be able to tonight.

Better Map here: http://www.fortworthrugby.com/maps.asp