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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The eligible list for Saturday's AGM

Unfortunately, my computer issues have really screwed up my tracking of dues for this season. This is purely my fault and I apologize to everyone.

Having said that, going off an outdated file I could recover and my memory, here is the list of players that I know have paid dues and are eligible to hold and vote for officers. If I have left someone off it is completely unintentional. Please contact me and we will work it out. Honor system on that one, boys. I do have a good memory of many who haven’t paid.

Here are the good guys:

Richie Almond
Greg Beynon
Jesse Cavazos
Marc de Charmoy
Dan Cook
Bloo Daniels
Josh Erickson
Bear Hudson
Matt Jones
Kenny Mayon
Drew Mccure
Greg Necastro
Jay Rooney
Gonzo Ruiz
Russell Sanders
Jason Swick
Philip Wauters
Timmy Williams
Matt Wood
Azeem Zafar

Here are the remaining names who are actively CIPPed with the club:

August Blackburn
Michael Cardell
Tom Cowan
Phillip Erickson
Kyle Harrell
Rashad Harvor
Ryan Helm
Chris Keller
Nick Lock
Tom Morgan
Sam Saife
Jon Savage
Michael Voss
Jason Wilkins
Mark Wunsch

Again, I may have forgotten a couple of people who paid. If I did, talk to me and we’ll sort it out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Practice at Schimelpfennig

7s Practice at Schimelpfenig (Shim-El-Fin-Ig).
  • Get to Independence and Spring Creek Parkway
  • Go North to Maumelle
  • Turn Right and follow road
  • Parking lot on the backside of the school on the right.
  • Field just beyond that.
Best behavior.

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New practice location (or an old one for those with a good memory)

We are back to Schimelpfenig. The school is located on Maumelle Dr., which is north of Spring Creek and Independence. Turn east at the Maumelle/Independence intersection and follow the road to the school. The field is on the east side of the school.

Remember, during the summer season, we invite all of our youth players to come out and play touch with us. Keep the talk G rated around our younger players and treat the kids well. They've worked hard in their seasons and we want to encourage them to come and have fun over the summer so they will keep playing. Beware of U11 Carter, he's sneaky.

Okay, one exception. One of my U-15's has been talking some smack to me because he's burned me a few times playing touch. I warned him that when he moves to the U17/U19 next year, he better be prepared to back it up because I practice full contact with the older kids. So, if you see Colby trying to break one wide, a "gentle" reminder earns you a beer from me.

AGM Agenda

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on May 3rd, 6 P.M. at The Tipperary Inn. We will be electing new officers as well as discussing the future of the club. This is the time for everyone to come out and express their thoughts and opinions. All ideas are welcome and encouraged because the end result will be a better club for everyone.

Here's a short overview of the meeting.
  1. Gather and get some drinks.
  2. Short discussion on the club's present and future status.
  3. Nominations for officers.
  4. Discussion on the candidates.
  5. Vote.
  6. Announcement of the new officer.
  7. Once the elections are done, we will have an open forum to discuss the club and continue the drinking and merriment.

A couple of notes on the election process:

  1. In order to vote or hold office, a person must be current on their dues. This means paid in full for the 2007-2008 season or on an approved payment plan.
  2. There are no restrictions on who can be an officer. It doesn't matter if you just joined the club or you were an original member. What we need are officers with the desire and dedication to the club. Don't be shy. If you think you are the best person for the job, stand up and present yourself.
  3. We usually vote by show of hands, unless there is a strong objection, in which case we will go to secret ballots.
  4. In order to vote, a person must be current on their dues.

I hope you guys noticed a little emphasis on the requirement to vote. You have got to get your money in to me. You can use PayPal or you can call me. 214-558-1634. I will work with you, but you've got to talk to me. This is the number one issue with the club at the moment. Here's a chance to fix it and eliminate it.

We have 4 officer positions for election. Our current officers are:

President - Dave Tanguay

Secretary - Bloo Daniels

Match Secretary - Dan Cook

Treasurer - Greg Necastro

We do appoint people to special committees (Mudfish, social, etc.), but they are not elected.

Any member in good standing can hold an officer position. From the club by-laws, here are the officer descriptions:

5.4.A. President.
The President shall have overall responsibility for the regular administration of the Club’s business affairs, including the following:
i. Serve as primary contact with the USA, Western, and Texas Rugby Union to insure compliance with all Union requirements;
ii. Maintain banking and credit accounts as needed by the Club;
iii. Hold signature authority for the Club bank account (s);
iv. Present disciplinary matters to the Board for determination;
v. Supervise and organize club social activities (both after matches and otherwise);
vi. Appoint additional club officers pursuant to Article 5.4.E
vii. Monitor the performance of other club officers; and
viii Exercise such other powers as are set fourth in these Articles and/or are necessary to the functioning of the Club.

5.4.B. Secretary.
The Secretary shall assist the President in the execution of his duties and, more specifically, shall be responsible for the following:
i. Publication and distribution of the Club newsletter and web site.
ii. Maintenance of Club mailing lists, including Full and Social
Members, potential sponsors, and former Members.
iii. Take and maintain minutes of all general meetings of the Club.
iv. Coordination of recruiting efforts;
v. Maintenance of Club recruiting advertisements and match advertisements in local newspapers; and
vi. Such other duties as may be delegated to the Secretary by the President or Board

5.4.C. Match Secretary.
The match Secretary shall be responsible, in consultation with the Board of Trustees, for the scheduling of matches and tournaments for Club play and for the maintenance of such schedule, including the following:
i. Reservation of playing fields and payment of appropriate fees for such fields;
ii. Coordination with the Texas Society of Rugby Referees for scheduled matches;
iii. Reporting of match results to the Texas Rugby Union and local newspapers;
iv. Attendance at all Texas Rugby Union scheduling meetings;
v. Serve as Sergeant-At-Arms at all Meetings of the Club.

5.4.D. Treasurer.
The Treasure shall assist the President in the maintenance of all Club banking and credit accounts. In addition, he shall be responsible for the following:
i. Collection of dues and assessments, if any, pursuant to the dues schedules established by the Board;
ii. Coordination of all fund-raising activities undertaken by the Club;
iii. Assist the Board in annually establishing dues, payment schedules and budgets; and
iv. Report to the President and Captains when Members are not in good standing as a result of failure to pay dues and assessments.
v. Hold signature authority for all the Club bank accounts.

That's all for now.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Location Change

Over the weekend, the Plano U19 lost in the TRU quarterfinals and have had their 15 season ended. We have been able to practice at High Point this year because of the high school team. However, the City of Plano needs the lighted field to use for soccer games that have been rained out this spring. Therefore, we are not able to use the field at this time.

In all probability, we will hold 7's practice at Schemelfinig, where we practiced last summer. It's an unlit field and generally goes unused. We will post confirmation when we get it.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Fort Worth Win D3 Men's Rugby

Because you won't see it on the TRU's website, I thought some of you might be curious about what happened in D3 at the TRU playoffs.

Thanks to the Society of Texas Rugby Referees, we have the results:

  • Fort Worth RFC Men 1 A - 19 vs. McAllen RFC Men 1 A - 5
Consolation: ?

Cookie has a brief report of the final game, which I've liberated from an email:
Fort Worth won D3 by defeating McAllen 19-5 in a bruising affair. FW made their tackles, and McAllen had no answer for FW's back three speed.
Congratulations to Fort Worth! They're a good team and they showed it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Fields are closed tonight

Plano parks has closed High Point tonight.

While 15 season is over, we did have a handful of guys come out on Tuesday and play touch with the Plano U19 players and U11 Carter "The Terror". Plano still has a few weeks left in their season, so you can come out next week and start playing touch or help Plano prepare for the playoffs.

Monday, April 07, 2008


15 Season Ends

We all knew it was going to take a miracle to make the playoffs. Denton played well against OKC on Saturday, but fell 17-3. So, OKC advances and we stay home this time.

Friday, April 04, 2008


AGM Postponed

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on May 3rd, 6 PM at The Tipp.

Also, our year end banquet will be on May 31st at The Tipp.

Details to come....