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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Banquet Reminder

If the clock on the right of the page isn't enough for some of you (Gonzo), our year end banquet is this Saturday at The Tipp. We are asking for $10 a person to help cover the food and drink cost. We open this party to everybody, so feel free to bring along anybody wanting to come out for a night of fun. Timmy Williams will not be there as he is beginning a summer biking tour around the country, so everyone should be safe.

See you Saturday.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Remembering the Fallen

As everyone enjoys the three day weekend of Memorial Day as a break from work or school and the traditional start of a summer full of barbecues, being outdoors, and (in Dallas) sweating our butts off, the members of the Dallas Athletic Rugby Club wish to pause a moment and remember the fallen.

We are thankful to all US soldiers who, over the 200+ year history of the United States, have sacrificed their lives so that we may enjoy ours. We truly are grateful for their service and the ultimate sacrifice they made.

With deepest pride and admiration, we say thank you to one of our own; Tyler Trovillion, our teammate, our friend, and an outstanding soldier of the United States Marine Corps. A good, young player on the pitch, Tyler was an even better soldier who servered proudly in Iraq. His tour of duty ended on June 15, 2005 when he was killed in action. Every member of DARC thanks you, Tyler, for your unselfish service to this country and we all miss you.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Midland 7s Announced

The Midland Mad Dogs are kicking off the first TOLA 7s Rugby event with their 3rd annual Los Perros de Mayo 7s tournament, to be held at Hogan Park in Midland, Texas on May 31, 2008.

Registration will be $150 for Men's teams.

Please contact Stan Venable (svenable@t3mid.com) or Ernest Carrasco (ernest@ccdirect.net) with any questions or for registration.


Banquet Update

We are confirmed with the Tipp for 6 pm on May 31st. We are going to be serving the staple food of the front row; wings and beer. We will also be handing out our awards for this past year.

This party is open to wives, girlfriends, Wunsch’s mom, and anyone else you want to bring. The cost is going to be $10 a person.

So, let’s all come out for a night of fun and friendship. Additionally, this will also be a farewell to Josh who is moving back to Chicago. He’s been a great teammate and friend, so let’s give him a sendoff he won’t remember on Sunday.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Season Award Finalists

During the banquet on May 31st, we will be presenting our annual awards for outstanding performances during this past season. Those at the AGM last week created the nomination lists and the winners were chosen by the attending board members (Cook, Swick, and Greg). We will, of course, keep the winner's name secret until the banquet. The nominees are:

MVP: Drew, Gonzo, Josh
Forward of the Year: Drew, Gonzo, Jay, Josh
Back of the Year: Mark, Red, Timmy
Most Improved: Greg B, Sam
Newcomer: Everyone who played their first season with DARC (okay, we can't make out all the names that were written for this one)
Merilee Kirkwood Cup (Sportsmanship award): Bear, Bloo, Josh, Ritchie

In addition, we may present a few "unofficial" awards, depending on how the creativity flows in the next few weeks.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Mudfish 2008

Seven's practice has started and tournaments are coming soon. That means that we need to start thinking about and getting ready for Mudfish. In case you weren't at the AGM this past weekend, and most of you weren't (well most of the team, anyway), Mudfish is our biggest money maker of the year. Unless you would prefer that we double the yearly dues, we need to bring in some cash. What this means to you is that you need to clear the first weekend in August off your schedule and resign yourself that you are going to work.

As a team member, you have certain responsibilities for Mudfish:
#1 Talk it up. When you are out at tournaments or hanging out with your friends, find a way to invite people to either come to play or to watch. We obviously prefer to have as many teams as possible entered (can you say entry fee?), but fans that buys hot dogs or drinks or even a t-shirt also means money for the team. I'll have a flyer put together some time this week and email that out as well.

#2 Tourney prep. I need a couple of volunteers to help get everything set up before hand. The past couple of years, we have used a rented trailer to load everything on Friday night. Ask any of the old guys that remember showing up at 6:30 at KC's warehouse to pick up stuff which is better. I need a couple of people to join me at Swick's place Friday afternoon to load the trailer. Plus, if anyone can land us a free or cheap loaner trailer, we would gladly take it.

#3 Set up/Tear down. This is the day of stuff. Setting up the fields, tents, tables, boards, parking, etc. Kenny has already volunteered to run the boards but I still need a cook, a field supervisor, a collections monitor, and a scale boss. I'm sure there are a few other choice positions I left out as well. If you volunteer early, you can avoid getting the stuck with the grunt work, not that any of it is all that hard. Remember, the point of the tourney is to make money, not for us to enter a team and play.

#4 Sponsorship. We are going to try to bring back the big money maker this year, the program. I'm putting together a price list for the program that will be handed out to everyone but I need you all to go out and find us some buyers. Spots in the program will start as low as $25 so it shouldn't be too hard to land one or two sponsors each. I'll email out the price list as soon as it is ready.

I'm hoping this will be another great Mudfish tourney but I need all your help to make it successful.

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Friday, May 02, 2008


AGM Saturday Night - That's Tomorrow

We'd like to start the meeting at 6, so plan your drive to the Tipp accordingly. If you're behind on dues, bring them along.

See everybody there.

Texas Oklahoma Louisiana 7s Rugby Series

There's a new 7s rugby competition: The TOLA, 7s Series (Texas, Oklahoma ,Louisiana). It looks pretty interesting. Clubs will be awarded points for winning and placing well, but they can also earn points by "exemplifying the spirit of rugby."
Examples of behavior that will be considerred for these points include travelling a great distance, entering multiple teams, assisting the tournament hosts in some way, playing up a division to fill a bracket, etc. [emphasis added]
And you get 1 point just for entering a tournament, including social tournaments. Might be just the thing Texas-area rugby needs for the summer. It starts out pretty competitively for 4 weeks straight, then mostly social but for one tourney in July and the Championships on August 9. Heck, our old, slow, fat, broken guys could earn 6 points just by showing up to all the socials, even if we pull the Iron Butterfly Maneuver on the pitch!
  • 5/31/08: Los Perros De Mayo, Midland, TX (TOLA Series)
  • 6/7/08: Lone Star Classic, Dallas, TX (TOLA Series)
  • 6/14/08: Jamie Varrano Memorial, Houston, TX (TOLA Series)
  • 6/21/08: Bloodfest, Austin, TX (TOLA Series)
  • 6/28/08: West Qualifier, Dallas, TX (social)
  • 6/28/08: Redfish, Baton Rouge, LA (social)
  • 7/5/08: open
  • 7/12/08: Parrotheads, Tulsa, OK (social)
  • 7/19/08: Tornado Alley, Norman, OK (TOLA Series)
  • 7/19/08: Sevens by the Sea, Corpus Cristi, TX (social)
  • 7/26/08: Zeekers Midnight Sevens, Stillwater, OK (social)
  • 8/2/08: Mudfish, Dallas, TX (social)
  • 8/9/08: Horse Shoe Sevens, Shreveport, LA (TOLA series - Championship)

Congrats to Fort Worth, West DIII Champs

Congratulations are in order for Fort Worth who won the West for DIII by one point, 20-19 over Northern State of Nebraska. The boys from cowtown go on to the next round on May 17, which will be played...somewhere. I couldn't find the answer at USA Rugby's site.