DARC Mudfish Tournament XXII

August 2, 2008
Lake Highlands Park,
Dallas, TX

Mudfish, n. pl. (mud'fish')

  1. A genus of fresh-water ganoid fishes, exclusively confined to North America; called bowfin in Lake Champlain, dogfish in Lake Erie, and mudfish in South Carolina, etc.
  2. Heavy rugby players who come out from their mud holes to play 7s rugby once a year. Often also old, slow, lazy or combinations thereof.

This year marks the 22nd Annual Mudfish 7s Tournament, it's now older than some of our players. The new TOLA 7s Social Tournament is underway this summer, and Mudfish will be one of the last opprtunities to earn any Social Points.


Entry Fee

Per team of 12, a roster form must be filled out at weigh in. Each team is limited to one entry per division.

Let us know if you intend to come ASAP! Last year had a record number of Mudfish division teams and we want to ensure that all the Mudfish get some games. Please check back often for more updates.

If you want to register early or have any questions, contact Bryan "Bear" Hudson or Greg Necastro.