DARC Sponsors

Tipperary Inn

Our new sponsor pub! Great food and beer!

Austech Sales

Ron and Susan Davis have been long time, generous supporters of not only DARC but rugby in general. Thank you!

EMI Systems

EMI Systems has consistently lent it time, money, and resources to help the club. Thank you.

R3M, Inc.

Steven Rollo not only gave of his time and body on the field, he continues to give his support, time, efforts, and money to help DARC. Thank you!


Buy your gear from Ruggers.com and help DARC. Ruggers not only supplies the kit for the DARC Knights, they offer us commision on everything you buy. So when you need gear, think of Ruggers. Click on the link right above of this text and you will linked through to there site and when you order something DARC will get credit. You must use the link for this to work. Thanks.